06 November 2008

NoLA Rising at Prospect Everyone

Prospect EveryOne - The New Orleans Opening for Prospect 1

On Thursday, October 30th, NoLA Rising joined the team of New Orleans all stars on Julia Street for the locals opening of Prospect One. NoLA Rising opted to provide the entertainment of an art jail where you could have your friends thrown in jail for a small fee. Once inside the jail you had to work hard labor making artwork until you could convince someone to come and bail you out. A good time was had by all...enjoy the pictures of our madness:

Jess & JennJess and Jen Patrol the streets

Avi Gets ArrestedImmunity for no one

Cause we roll like 5-0NoLA Rising

Max and RexI eat a lot of donuts to look this good

Our very first prisonerThe first prisoner of the evening

---And a very special thanks to everyone who helped make this night happen: Avi, Angela, Max, Mags, Travis, Jess, Denise, Varg, Jenn, Romy, & Alicia---

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