28 November 2008

First Night in NYC Preparing for the NoLA Rising Festival | Photos by Nick Gaswirth


Howdy Folks!

It's been awhile since there's been an update, but as you can imagine, I've needed a little decompression time. I've spent that time organizing over 800 photos, shipping artwork, making phone calls and all the usual post-show craziness. So, to update everyone who would have liked to come up to New York for the NoLA Rising Festival, I'm going to do an event by event post.

Upon landing in New York, I took a taxi direct to IRT where the event was to be held by Slightly Askew for NoLA Rising. Five models awaited my arrival to be painted. I was going with the New Orleans cemetery theme/with Dia de La Muertos faces (as a tribute to our friend Mardi Claw). Everything was going smoothly except that the paint wasn't drying in a manner I was accustomed to. Considering it might be a difference of humidity, I painted on. However, much to our dismay after the photo shoot, Christin came in slightly panicky {approximately 2 a.m.} and announced, "the paint is NOT coming off!"

At that point, I stopped trusting that the base coat had been a latex primer, looked across the room and saw that was indeed not. INDEED not. As I read the words "High Epoxy Medium Enamel", I knew the models were screwed. A few days later, all the paint was off with minimal rashes and I learned a valuable lesson. Had I double checked what paint I had requested, all would be well. Unfortunately the hardware store where the paint was bought decided to rip off the girl who bought it seeing that she didn't know the difference of the paints.

The following photos were taken for NoLA Rising archive purposes, but professional prints of the shoot can be found by photographer Nick Gaswirth. ::: To SEE the photos that Nick Selected, GO HERE

First Night of the NoLA Rising Festival

First Night of the NoLA Rising Festival

First Night of the NoLA Rising Festival

First Night of the NoLA Rising Festival

NoLA Rising NYC

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