18 January 2010

Joe Iurato does it again ... :01 // SPRAY FOR HAITI

"Spray For Haiti" Limited Release

Like many of you, I was here in New Orleans through some of the worst conditions I've ever experienced. When such insurmountable tragedies occur, I feel it my obligation to figure out a way to do something. My own personal history has taught me that I owe that much to humanity to reciprocate the kindness I received as a New Orleanian. Sometimes it is easier to turn on the television and go about our seemingly happy lives, but that doesn't change the harsh reality that exists out there beyond the tube.

For too long Haiti has been allowed to live in squalor as a debtor island to foreign powers and has been treated as an inconsequential piece of world politics. But this tragedy isn't about politics, it's about man's ability to care for humanity. It's about reaching down inside yourself and pulling out the most caring part of you and helping where you can. Caring transcends borders, economic divide and racial boundaries.

Right now, all the widgets and iPhones in the world aren't going to revive the lost or rebuild the destroyed, but a well placed donation can keep the supply lines flowing to those who need it the most. Times are tough and the economy sucks right now, but you have it a helluva lot better than anyone in Port Au Prince today. Ask yourself, what can you do to help.

Joe Iurato, a friend and brother to NoLA Rising, has taken his skills as an emerging (and amazing) stencil artist and made two prints to benefit UNICEF in Haiti. He didn't ask for you to pay him for the prints, but that those who received the email, to pay UNICEF directly through their website and send him confirmation. Joe would then send the print to you.

Due to the way Joe cut the first stencil (as seen above), there was only 10 available and those sold out in three minutes...first come, first served. He had mentioned that he'd do another round. He did an edition of twenty (as seen below) 12" x 18", 7 layer hand cut stencils spray painted on a heavy card stock, based on an image he's painted on the streets. It's a smaller, more detailed version.

Before Joe could release the print in the same manner as he had done before, he received an email from a buyer he's worked with in the past wanting the previous (#1) version. He told the buyer it had sold out, but that the 2nd was in the works. The buyer then asked if he could purchase all 20 paintings for $3,000. Joe then received confirmation that the donation had gone through to UNICEF and again, a goal achieved and this time it exceeded expectations.

However, while the release is officially sold out, the buyer of all 20 pieces asked Joe to only send one and re-sell the remaining 19 on his behalf under the same UNICEF stipulation. The catch, the original buyer is to remain anonymous. With the re-selling of the other 19 prints that will be even more money dedicated to UNICEF.

I applaud Joe Iurato and his anonymous buyer for stepping up in this time to assist the people of Haiti. It's exceptionally hard in our current economy to justify expenses for artwork, but it's hardly acceptable to sit idly by and do nothing. Joe has selflessly given his talent to support a recognized program that works to aid the children of Haiti during this amazing time. It's this style of giving that NoLA Rising has long honored and I am proud to see that one person is willing to stand up and make a difference... That one person can now be you.

For more information, click on UNICEF

For more information on that :01 second of your life that'll make a difference, CLICK HERE

Joe Iurato / :01 / Spray for Haiti 2

16 January 2010

Artists Michael Manjarris and Peter Lundberg describe their New Orleans sculpture park project.

Doug MacCash from the Times-Picayune interviews artists Michael Manjarris and Peter Lundberg on their New Orleans sculpture park project...

Sculpture For New Orleans 2010