24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from the NoLA Rising Crew

A little Rex humor for you this Turkey Day. One day those turkeys just might rebel. Hope everyone had a happy and fun-filled day!

19 November 2011

Artwork donated for NoLA Rising's 5th It's Yours, Take It annual art for toys swap


IYTI NoLA 5 - Pure by Dawn Iles

Pure by Dawn Iles

IYTI NoLA 5 - El Duende by Claire Griffiths

El Duende by Claire Griffiths


IYTI NoLA 5 - Untitled by Al Palmer

Untitled by Al Palmer


IYTI NoLA 5 - Composition by Caroline Piccioni

Caroline Piccioni


IYTI NoLA 5 - Schrodingers Cats by Asa Medhurst

Schrodingers Cats by Asa Medhurst


IYTI NoLA 5 - Fakey Cake Maker by Rachel Price

Fakey Cake Maker by Rachel Price


IYTI NoLA 5 - It was an Evil plant, It Was Also Very Lonely by Eliot Draws

by Eliot Draws


IYTI NoLA 5 - Untitled by Elizabeth Spencer

Untitled by Elizabeth Spencer


IYTI NoLA 5 -Patriotic...on both sides of the Ocean by Jan Drury

Patriotic...on both sides of the Ocean by Jan Drury


IYTI NoLA 5 - Automatic Faces by Alice in Nowhereland

Automatic Faces by Alice in Nowhereland

IYTI NoLA 5 - Venus 2010 by Francesco Benenato

Venus 2010 by Francesco Benenato

IYTI NoLA 5 - Delicate 1 by Reena Clare

Delicate 1 by Reena Clare


IYTI NoLA 5 - Frozen Corrosive Under Planet by Garth Simmons

Frozen Corrosive Under Planet by Garth Simmons

Just arrived - From TOXIC NERD for the IYTI '05



Mixed media collage by artist Claire Levine

by Claire Levine


NoLA Rising art giveaway!

by Jacque Davis


Artwork from Diane Millsap (donated for NoLA Rising's IYTI Art for Toys Swap)

by Diane Millsap


Thank you to everyone who has donated artwork and for everyone who's got stuff on the way...will try and post by groups as work arrives!

NoLA RISING Paint Party - Art to Benefit IYTI Art for Toys Swap

the old XO STUDIOS
the PARK next to 2833 Dauphine Street
(Dauphine and Press Streets... Marigny/Bywater border at the train tracks... New Orleans)
SUNDAY - NOVEMBER 20th - 2011 - NOON until 4ish

IYTI - NoLA 5 // December 11th - Hi-Ho

For the fifth installment of New Orleans’ It’s Yours, Take it, Rex would yet again like to continue the practice of a holiday art swap. For the fifth year in a row, artwork has been created and sent in for a toy for art swap to raise toys for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program and similar programs in the New Orleans area. The premise is simple: Someone brings a brand new toy in a box to donate to children and they get to take a piece of art with them. The toys are then donated to programs for their annual holiday distribution.

The paint parties have been going on since that pesky storm passed by our city and our levees failed due to (well, you know)... To bolster the NoLA Rising offerings to people who bring toys in a box, we are having a paint party in conjunction with New Orleans Fringe Festival. The artwork created during the art event will be stored until the day of the art swap at the Hi-Ho Lounge.

Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/290343927666151/

For more information, click any of the pictures in this post. Address for Hi-Ho below. Look forward to seeing you there,

All best,

IYTI - NoLA 5 - Art for Toys Swap Holiday Kick Ass Extravaganza (& shit like that)

Hi-Ho Lounge
2239 St. Claude Avenue
New Orleans
December 11th, 2011

06 January 2011

Announcing NoLA Rising's New Website...

Howdy everyone,

NoLA Rising has been busy behind the scenes getting some business in order. One such task was re-designing our website. Check it out and let us know what you think!


With the re-introduction of the website and the blog feature attached, we'll start transferring over applicable posts from the blogspot address here to there.

Btw, we had help on this from dedicated friends and associates. Elli of Ms. Placed helped with the header design, Lance Vargas is still graciously hosting our site and Calliope Consulting took the design and laid out the development.

As always, thanks for supporting NoLA Rising and Paint the Change you wish to see!

Happy New Year and Happy Twelfth Night,
NoLA Rising