29 December 2010


REUSE PROJECT 4: REUSE & RESIST! Open Call For Art until Feb. 1st! www.reuseandresist.tk

What is the ReUse Project? Every year, for the past 4 years, INSPIRE Collective has made a call for art, taken a centralized public building, and installed as much artwork inside & outside as possible, then we open the doors to the public!
Want to get involved this time around? Just keep reading…

There is a better way, no matter what they say! Present-day cities, the world over, have massive percentages of un-used & generally neglected public space. By itself, this fact quickly becomes its own negative social issue & it isn’t a phenomenon, it’s a disgusting norm of all industrialized cities at this point. WE MUST REUSE AND RESIST!!
But how?! Many social issues could be already solved by ReUsing & re-thinking public space. This year, let’s stop talking about it and started getting things done!

INSPIRE Collective would like to extend this call for art around the world, so if you know folks who would like to get involved…We extend the invitation to all creators to participate in ReUse Project 4: REUSE AND RESIST!

If you’re a conscious artist living on this planet and you can creatively relate to the ideas of ReThinking and ReUsing, then this exhibition is for you! Help us to make a positive social statement here in the Middle East & sustainable, independent artists will help to make this necessary statement world-wide. Open call for art ends February 1st.
For participation inquiries, entry submissions, call for art info, etc., please visit:
Also, for INSPIRE Collective past events and more: www.inspirecollectiveevents.tk

Remember, the open call for art ends February 1st.

Mail to:

P.O. Box 4917
Tel Aviv, Israel

14 December 2010

NoLA Rising/IYTI - Toys for Tots Success

NoLA Rising Toys for Tots - 2010

NoLa Rising held the fourth annual "It's Yours, Take It" art swap this past Saturday at the Hi-Ho (located in the St. Claude Arts District). The concept has long been a part of the NoLA Rising philosophy...to give art to the people. It's Yours, Take It is a way for artists to give artwork to a community, whether through organized functions such as this or through more guerrilla means. NoLa Rising has adapted it's annual IYTI by requesting that those who choose to participate bring a brand new toy in a box.

The Hi-Ho Lounge kindly threw open her doors, arranged musicians, set up local crafts-people to help and NoLA Rising brought the art from the IYTI family of artists (that can be found on Flickr - link below), from the NoLA Rising family of artists and from local artists who dropped by throughout the day to drop off both toys and art. To all of them, we are eternally grateful for the participation and the spirit of community that persists throughout. NoLA Rising would also like to thank all of the wonderful people who brought toys and participated, bringing in 185 toys!

That's right...185 toys for donation! If you weren't able to make it out, we hope that you find your own way of giving this holiday seas. Again, we thank everyone for their continued support of NoLA Rising and the New Orleans community. Together, we can make the cultural renaissance flourish!

Some scenes from the IYTI:

IYTI NoLa 4Author Mark Folse

IYTI NoLa 4Visiting Celebrity Architects

IYTI NoLa 4The beautiful and delightful DJ SoulSister

IYTI NoLa 4The Indelible Pat Jolly

More pics can be found HERE


Toys collected from the It's Yours, Take It hosted by NoLA Rising at the Hi-Ho

10 December 2010

NoLA Rising Toys for Tots Exchange (Sat., Dec 11th at the Hi-Ho) - It's Yours, Take It

This Saturday, December 11th, NoLA Rising presents its fourth IT'S YOURS, TAKE IT at the Hi-Ho (2239 Saint Claude Avenue) in the St. Claude Arts District from 12-6. Annually, the folks at NoLA Rising and the artists who support their endeavors, donate artwork to give away to community members who bring a brand new toy in a box to donate to the USMC's Toys for Tots Program.

The artists come from all backgrounds and genres and are local and international artists who believe that artwork can make an impact on a community in many ways. This is one such way. NoLA Rising would like to thank all of the artists for their support and participation and is always thankful to the New Orleans community.

See y'all on Saturday!

Received today for the IYTI NoLA 4

Contribution from Rex for the IYTI NoLA 4

from Encore for the IYTI NoLA 4

For more information on It's Your's, Take It online community that supports art giveaways and to see a variety of the work donated to the function:
It's Yours, Take It