29 December 2010


REUSE PROJECT 4: REUSE & RESIST! Open Call For Art until Feb. 1st! www.reuseandresist.tk

What is the ReUse Project? Every year, for the past 4 years, INSPIRE Collective has made a call for art, taken a centralized public building, and installed as much artwork inside & outside as possible, then we open the doors to the public!
Want to get involved this time around? Just keep reading…

There is a better way, no matter what they say! Present-day cities, the world over, have massive percentages of un-used & generally neglected public space. By itself, this fact quickly becomes its own negative social issue & it isn’t a phenomenon, it’s a disgusting norm of all industrialized cities at this point. WE MUST REUSE AND RESIST!!
But how?! Many social issues could be already solved by ReUsing & re-thinking public space. This year, let’s stop talking about it and started getting things done!

INSPIRE Collective would like to extend this call for art around the world, so if you know folks who would like to get involved…We extend the invitation to all creators to participate in ReUse Project 4: REUSE AND RESIST!

If you’re a conscious artist living on this planet and you can creatively relate to the ideas of ReThinking and ReUsing, then this exhibition is for you! Help us to make a positive social statement here in the Middle East & sustainable, independent artists will help to make this necessary statement world-wide. Open call for art ends February 1st.
For participation inquiries, entry submissions, call for art info, etc., please visit:
Also, for INSPIRE Collective past events and more: www.inspirecollectiveevents.tk

Remember, the open call for art ends February 1st.

Mail to:

P.O. Box 4917
Tel Aviv, Israel

14 December 2010

NoLA Rising/IYTI - Toys for Tots Success

NoLA Rising Toys for Tots - 2010

NoLa Rising held the fourth annual "It's Yours, Take It" art swap this past Saturday at the Hi-Ho (located in the St. Claude Arts District). The concept has long been a part of the NoLA Rising philosophy...to give art to the people. It's Yours, Take It is a way for artists to give artwork to a community, whether through organized functions such as this or through more guerrilla means. NoLa Rising has adapted it's annual IYTI by requesting that those who choose to participate bring a brand new toy in a box.

The Hi-Ho Lounge kindly threw open her doors, arranged musicians, set up local crafts-people to help and NoLA Rising brought the art from the IYTI family of artists (that can be found on Flickr - link below), from the NoLA Rising family of artists and from local artists who dropped by throughout the day to drop off both toys and art. To all of them, we are eternally grateful for the participation and the spirit of community that persists throughout. NoLA Rising would also like to thank all of the wonderful people who brought toys and participated, bringing in 185 toys!

That's right...185 toys for donation! If you weren't able to make it out, we hope that you find your own way of giving this holiday seas. Again, we thank everyone for their continued support of NoLA Rising and the New Orleans community. Together, we can make the cultural renaissance flourish!

Some scenes from the IYTI:

IYTI NoLa 4Author Mark Folse

IYTI NoLa 4Visiting Celebrity Architects

IYTI NoLa 4The beautiful and delightful DJ SoulSister

IYTI NoLa 4The Indelible Pat Jolly

More pics can be found HERE


Toys collected from the It's Yours, Take It hosted by NoLA Rising at the Hi-Ho

10 December 2010

NoLA Rising Toys for Tots Exchange (Sat., Dec 11th at the Hi-Ho) - It's Yours, Take It

This Saturday, December 11th, NoLA Rising presents its fourth IT'S YOURS, TAKE IT at the Hi-Ho (2239 Saint Claude Avenue) in the St. Claude Arts District from 12-6. Annually, the folks at NoLA Rising and the artists who support their endeavors, donate artwork to give away to community members who bring a brand new toy in a box to donate to the USMC's Toys for Tots Program.

The artists come from all backgrounds and genres and are local and international artists who believe that artwork can make an impact on a community in many ways. This is one such way. NoLA Rising would like to thank all of the artists for their support and participation and is always thankful to the New Orleans community.

See y'all on Saturday!

Received today for the IYTI NoLA 4

Contribution from Rex for the IYTI NoLA 4

from Encore for the IYTI NoLA 4

For more information on It's Your's, Take It online community that supports art giveaways and to see a variety of the work donated to the function:
It's Yours, Take It

29 November 2010

How to Rebuild a City... (a field guide from a work in progress)

This Thursday, NoLA Rising is proud to celebrate a book release for How To Rebuild a City: Field Guide from a Work in Progress published by Press Street and edited by Anne Gisleson and Tristan Thompson with proceeds to benefit Rebuilding Together New Orleans.

Those of us from New Orleans that have traveled the strange and sometimes sad road of a city's recovery know all too well the steps we've taken, but this is a perfect guide for those who may follow...for cities that may one day face the same dark tragedy. New Orleans is a resilient and beautiful city that is proud to wear her scars on her sleeve. Consider this book an offering...not of what tragedies we had to overcome, but of what we pulled together and accomplished despite of tragedy.

For those of you who can't make it out, the book will still be available at Beth's Books. For those of you who won't willingly cross Canal Street ;), you can also find the book at the Garden District Bookshop located at the corner of Prytania and Washington.

Hope to see y'all out there and I've put below further information about the book,

NoLA Rising

More information:

With contributions and collaboration from over 100 residents, writers, photographers, artists, and community organizations from New Orleans (and beyond) who kickstarted the recovery process, How to Rebuild a City: Field Guide from a Work in Progress presents the post-disaster landscape from the perspectives of those who are navigating their way through it.

Beautifully designed, sometimes fun, always informative, How to Rebuild a City is a reflection of the many ways that New Orleanians have realized our way towards recovery, actively and creatively engaging with our communities. The book also serves as a primer of sorts for those who may encounter the post-disaster lifestyle wherever they live. Filled with advice, know-how and citizens sharing their stories of how they put the pieces back together, How to Rebuild a City celebrates the collective spirit of New Orleans as the city moves beyond crisis and into a brighter, safer and stronger future.

How to Rebuild a City: Field Guide from a Work in Progress
Editors: Anne Gisleson & Tristan Thompson
Designer: Catherine Burke
$20, paperback, 152 pages, full-color, 8.25” x 6.25”.
ISBN 978-0-9777681-5-8, published by Press Street, 2010.

Proceeds to benefit Rebuilding Together New Orleans (rtno.org)

To see the event on Facebook

What: Book release party for How To Rebuild a City: Field Guide from a Work in Progress
When: December 2nd, 6:00 – 8:00pm
Where: Beth’s Books/Sound Café, 2700 Chartres Street (at Port St.), New Orleans, La. 70117

25 November 2010

Happy Gobble Gobble Turkey Day

From NoLA Rising to you...Happy Gobble Gobble Turkey Day. On behalf of us at NoLA Rising, we are grateful for the people of New Orleans and all the wonderful things you do!

02 November 2010

IT'S YOURS, TAKE IT - NoLA 4 (Four / quattro / τέσσερις / أربعة / quatre / cztery / четыре / cuatro / 4)

New Orleans - IYTI 4 (Four / quattro  / τέσσερις / أربعة / quatre / cztery / четыре / cuatro / 4)

IT'S YOURS, TAKE IT - NoLA 4 (Four / quattro / τέσσερις / أربعة / quatre / cztery / четыре / cuatro / 4)

NoLA Rising is making a call for art for It’s Yours, Take It (NoLA 4)

NoLA Rising has a long history of distributing artwork at no cost to the New Orleans area. After hurricane Katrina, it was a guiding mission of Rex to replace street signs and paint signs of hope for those who had returned to the city. One person made a movement of dozens of artists. We continue that theme with giving away donated artwork for this holiday season...

For the fourth installment of New Orleans’ It’s Yours, Take it, Rex would like to continue the practice of a holiday art swap. For the third year in a row, artwork has been created and sent in for a toy for art swap to raise toys for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. The premise is simple: Someone brings a brand new toy in a box to donate to children and they get to take a piece of art with them. The toys are then donated to the Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program for their annual distribution.

Last year, we again had well over 120 toys donated for the cause and had a small garrison of Marines there to support the cause.

As always, I encourage free and open themes for the work to allow you the freedom to work as you wish.

This year, the work deadline will be Wednesday, December 8th. As of now, plans for where we’ll have the artwork are still not set. Trying to line up something in the next week. Worst-case scenario, I set up shop in the French Quarter and show people how we do it!

Anyone interested, pls add your name and email me at:
[ nolarising504 @ gmail.com ]

Again, huge thanks to everyone who’s made this a fun experience over the last few rounds…It's been a great way to give back to the community on a number of levels.

For more information, pls click here: IT'S YOURS, TAKE IT - NoLA 4 (Four / quattro / τέσσερις / أربعة / quatre / cztery / четыре / cuatro / 4)

NoLA Rising Toys for Tots

17 August 2010

One question I'd like answered...it's been far too long

Has it been almost two years? And yet, no answers, no good leads, no conclusions, no arrests and no prosecutions...

There's a man out there in the Bywater who must know the truth...

If you know anything about the murder of Jessica Hawk, I encourage you to come forward.

28 May 2010

Fishing Closures

Just a small section of the Gulf of Mexico closed to fishing...it's only like the size of GREECE


30 April 2010

Jen LeBlanc does Digital Graffiti...

Nola Rising - Digital Graffiti - Conducted by Jen LeBlanc

Art student and Professional photographer Jen LeBlanc took to the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge to show one of her latest projects...Digital Graffiti. With the help of a projector, Jen set up a draw pad and a projector and let people go to town.

Projection art is one of the developing ways that artists are able to manipulate their environment for interactive exhibitions. Naturally, some of the folks for NoLA Rising had to go up and check this out.

15 April 2010


Hey there folks-

As you know, NoLA Rising likes making t-shirts to further our cause of raising funds. You might want to say that an organization like ours can't live on t-shirts alone. Well, no, it can't and it doesn't, BUT t-shirts are still fun and functional.

So, we were sitting around drinking our favorite refreshing beverages talking about what our next design should be and thought it'd be better to let the vast talent out there design our next t-shirt or two. We're thinking a one to two color design that prominently shows the words "NOLA RISING" and has our custom fleur de lis on it...

We're going to keep our regular logo design shirt, but figured as an arts organization, we needed something different. So, this is how we're going to run this get-up: (1) You design a t-shirt however the hell you want with the above parameters; (2) You send it to me at nolarising504 [AT] Gmail; (3) Me and mine take a look at it and say "hey, that's f'n cool"; (4) We pick your design and make t-shirts.

Now your asking yourself, "well, what the hell do I get out of this besides putting my talent into something for y'all to make money off of, jerkfaces?" Well, we're only going to do a limited run of 50-100 shirts per design, so it's not like we're getting rich (we do this for fun). But, we're also not cheap bastards either and would like to hook ya up. What we thought was that we could give you a hundred bucks and three t-shirts for your design. On top of that, you'll have our undying love and gratitude.

How does that sound? Hit us up with a design. We'll be picking more than one design and we'll let you know when we're going to run the shirt so we can get yours to you.


P.S. They'll be made locally right here in the 504 from our friends at INKWELL PRESS!

17 March 2010

Some changes coming our way...

Howdy Everyone-

As many folks hitting the blog know, NoLA Rising has been in the process of transforming to a federally recognized 501(c)3. With that comes changes in how NoLA Rising is recognized, the functions we are able to accomplish with group we've been organized with in the past, and the way we have to now proceed with conducting ourselves acordingly. It's taken us some time to get our ducks in a row and we are finally finishing up the last course of paperwork to accomplish that goal.

One such change is stream-lining what is appropriate for our stated goal. To do that takes a little cleaning up some of the blog information and removing things that were personal projects of Rex. Ah, the joys of taking a grassroots group into the cold grips of an organization.

For those of you who want to follow the antics of Rex, you can find his own (not officially related) personal blog now at http://rexdingler.blogspot.com . Some of the old posts that you may be looking for in the future can also be found over there.

With that, thanks for your years of support as we go forward with a comprehensive mural program for New Orleans and her surrounding areas.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

18 January 2010

Joe Iurato does it again ... :01 // SPRAY FOR HAITI

"Spray For Haiti" Limited Release

Like many of you, I was here in New Orleans through some of the worst conditions I've ever experienced. When such insurmountable tragedies occur, I feel it my obligation to figure out a way to do something. My own personal history has taught me that I owe that much to humanity to reciprocate the kindness I received as a New Orleanian. Sometimes it is easier to turn on the television and go about our seemingly happy lives, but that doesn't change the harsh reality that exists out there beyond the tube.

For too long Haiti has been allowed to live in squalor as a debtor island to foreign powers and has been treated as an inconsequential piece of world politics. But this tragedy isn't about politics, it's about man's ability to care for humanity. It's about reaching down inside yourself and pulling out the most caring part of you and helping where you can. Caring transcends borders, economic divide and racial boundaries.

Right now, all the widgets and iPhones in the world aren't going to revive the lost or rebuild the destroyed, but a well placed donation can keep the supply lines flowing to those who need it the most. Times are tough and the economy sucks right now, but you have it a helluva lot better than anyone in Port Au Prince today. Ask yourself, what can you do to help.

Joe Iurato, a friend and brother to NoLA Rising, has taken his skills as an emerging (and amazing) stencil artist and made two prints to benefit UNICEF in Haiti. He didn't ask for you to pay him for the prints, but that those who received the email, to pay UNICEF directly through their website and send him confirmation. Joe would then send the print to you.

Due to the way Joe cut the first stencil (as seen above), there was only 10 available and those sold out in three minutes...first come, first served. He had mentioned that he'd do another round. He did an edition of twenty (as seen below) 12" x 18", 7 layer hand cut stencils spray painted on a heavy card stock, based on an image he's painted on the streets. It's a smaller, more detailed version.

Before Joe could release the print in the same manner as he had done before, he received an email from a buyer he's worked with in the past wanting the previous (#1) version. He told the buyer it had sold out, but that the 2nd was in the works. The buyer then asked if he could purchase all 20 paintings for $3,000. Joe then received confirmation that the donation had gone through to UNICEF and again, a goal achieved and this time it exceeded expectations.

However, while the release is officially sold out, the buyer of all 20 pieces asked Joe to only send one and re-sell the remaining 19 on his behalf under the same UNICEF stipulation. The catch, the original buyer is to remain anonymous. With the re-selling of the other 19 prints that will be even more money dedicated to UNICEF.

I applaud Joe Iurato and his anonymous buyer for stepping up in this time to assist the people of Haiti. It's exceptionally hard in our current economy to justify expenses for artwork, but it's hardly acceptable to sit idly by and do nothing. Joe has selflessly given his talent to support a recognized program that works to aid the children of Haiti during this amazing time. It's this style of giving that NoLA Rising has long honored and I am proud to see that one person is willing to stand up and make a difference... That one person can now be you.

For more information, click on UNICEF

For more information on that :01 second of your life that'll make a difference, CLICK HERE

Joe Iurato / :01 / Spray for Haiti 2

16 January 2010

Artists Michael Manjarris and Peter Lundberg describe their New Orleans sculpture park project.

Doug MacCash from the Times-Picayune interviews artists Michael Manjarris and Peter Lundberg on their New Orleans sculpture park project...

Sculpture For New Orleans 2010