24 November 2012

NoLA Rising's "It's Yours, Take It" - Location Announcement


NoLA Rising is proud to continue their long tradition of giving away art.  In our 6th Annual "It's Yours, Take It" we continue the art for toys swap with toys donated to benefit the Marine Corps' Toys for Tots program.  Bring a brand new unwrapped toy in a box and exchange it for a piece of art that has been donated to NoLA Rising from over 35 artists, both local and international.  We are still receiving work from anyone who would like to donate their talent to this cause.

We've always been fortunate to have been associated with so many great artists, artisans and photographers that have generously shared their talents with us and maintained a shared vision that the arts community is an integral part of the community at large.  

For more information on It's Yours, Take it, click here:
This years, IYTI NoLa 6 toys for art swap will be held in the Bywater at:
Lickety Splits Sweet Shop
1043 Poland (near corner of St. Claude)
DECEMBER 8th, 2012 - 12 pm to 5 pm

From NoLA.com:
At current, here is a listing of those who have donated or have indicated their participation in this year's IYTI:
Kelley Girl (Detroit)

Priest (Alabama)
Jacque Davis (St. Louis)
Starhead (Seattle)
Ken Nahan (Nola)
James Dingler (Ponchatoula)
Melissa Levine (Madisonville)
Crystal Shelton (Nola)
MJ O'Bradaigh (Ponchatoula)
Bonus Saves (Michigan)
El Celso (NY / LA)
Rex Dingler (Nola)
StellaConfuse (Italy)
Inspire (Israel)
Emily D'Orleans (Nola)
G-Mac (Miami)
R Scott Moseley (Nola)
Mardi Claw (Nola)
WHUT (Miami)
Charles Anderson (NoLA)
Kim Wilson (Nola)
Anika Afia Ofiori (NoLA)
Sam Morrison (Michigan)
Diane Millsap (Illinois)
Sherrie Thai (San Francisco)
Jaxie Jax (Los Angeles)
Tansy Myer (Los Angeles)
Brian Lauzon (Los Angeles)
Crista Rock (Nola)
Dave Bachli (Massachusetts)
Sina Evans (Tucson)
Kelley Wilson (Nola)
Sarah Rosedahl (Vermont)
Cherie Langford (Nola)
Cassie Tarr (Nola)
Michelle Agosto (Nola)
Annie Drummond-McMichael (Nola)

Kendra Morris (Nola)
Rick Moore (Nola)
Anthony Posey (NoLA)

Elle Green (Austin)

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