06 October 2009

Barrister's Gallery - Opening October 10th 6-9 p.m.

Barrister's Gallery this Saturday

This Fall at Barrister's Gallery on St Claude, internationally respected curator, Anne Marie Grgich, brings together a range of artists from New Orleans, the United States, and overseas... each of them visionaries, who have managed to endow the common with a sense of the strange, the mystical, the timeless, and the esoteric...

Cuban born artist Rafael Arzuaga presents subliminal imagery combined with archetypal symbolism through paintings that source from an African tradition, while Ecuadorian born New Orleans native, José Torres-Tama, explores social themes, the current state of war, and the struggle for spiritual concerns through mixed-media drawings.

San Francisco painter Tania Seabock endows her pieces with the patina of aged classicism through her fabulous faux-decorative approach. Fine art and documentary photographer, Craig Morse, liberates slivers of culture and environs overlooked or unseen from the years immediately following Hurricane Katrina, and through vibrant black and white and color photographs, New Orleans born Robin Walker pries open swollen windows and doors, shouting in from the streets, "This is my New Orleans!"

Barrister's brings the works of Hartmut Eing from Germany, Marcus Mårtenson from Stockholm Sweden. Damian and Delaine LeBas of London, and artist Robert Collison SF who turned curbside cardboard into dogs. Suzane Beaubrun SF builds knick knacks into pigeons. The McMartin Brothers Photaculars have an eye for beauty and the strange.

The artists take common objects that have always surrounded us and charge them with almost supernatural qualities.

Perhaps these things aren’t usually seen as art and will create an element of surprise in the viewer. The playfulness of these artists transforms discards into deeply meaningful objects. There is a kind of saving grace in this action. The rejected materials are here treated with respect, resurrected with a new sense of beauty and pride. This has always been the real challenge for the artist. To create beauty where there is pain and bring forth order out of chaos. And there is no better town for a show like this than New Orleans.

2009 by Anne Grgich with Marcus Mårtenson and Craig Morse.


Rafael Arzuaga
Lauren Atkinson and Donald Green
Suzane Beaubrun
Robert Collison
Hartmut Eing Courtesy of Galerie Hamer
Noah Erenberg
Charlie Foster
Anne Marie Grgich
Larissa Hammond
Lonnie Holley
Danielle Jacqui
Damian and Delaine Lebas
Kurtiss Lofstrom
Kandace Manning
Marcus Mårtenson
The McMartin Brothers Photaculars
Craig Morse
Robin Oliver
Cassandra Rockwood-Rice
Tania Seabock-artequation
Dave Seehausen
Elena Mary Siff
Jose Torres-Tama
Robin Walker
Della Wells

As well as featuring artists from Portland's Cannibals' Gallery.

Go to scadnola.com for more events on St Claude Ave.

Barrister's 2331 St Claude Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117

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