09 April 2009

United Artist Front - New Orleans Mural Arts Program (Amy Martin)

We are receiving lots of donations today from artists who have offered us their artwork to auction to benefit NoLA Rising in launching the United Artist Front, a New Orleans Mural Arts Program. Over the next few days, we will feature artwork that we have been receiving...

Posters by Amy Martin

BANKSY / Shepard Fairey / Michael DeFeo / STARHEAD / Ray Noland / Amy Martin / Rex Dingler / Cherie Langford / Nick Hasslock / CONO / Melissa Levine / ARTCAR by Kelly Israel / Ken Nahan / Blaine Capone / Len Cowgill / Joan Davis / Brandon Dauphin / Stephanie Stallmer / Ussama Hanna / Crista Rock / Amy Loewy / Scott Mosely

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BR said...

lovely idea and great sentiment - good luck