06 October 2008



SLIGHTLY Askew and IRT has recently posted pics from some of their paint parties up in New York. See the full set here:

SLIGHLY Askew & NoLA Rising

SLIGHTLYaskew and IRT present NoLA Rising!

NoLA Rising is a post-Katrina arts campaign that focuses on public art, community building and arts therapy in New Orleans. In preparation for the arrival of NoLA Rising in November, SLIGHTLYaskew will be hosting paint parties across New York City. At each paint party, there will be free wood, paint and brushes. We will invite New Yorkers and passersby to paint these pieces of wood with messages of hope for the people of New Orleans.

The signs will be displayed at the NoLA Rising Exhibit which will be open November 21st through the 26th at the infrared theater (IRT) in the West Village. Many of the signs will also be displayed around the city of New York for public enjoyment, and the rest will be given as a gift to the city of New Orleans and its people who are struggling with post traumatic stress disorder and who are returning to and rebuilding their homes but cannot afford artwork.

Join us on Saturdays, and be on the look out for paint parties coming to your neighborhood!

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