19 August 2008

NoLA Rising Honors Art Teacher Beverly Cook from McMain High School, New Orleans

As many of y'all may have noted, Rex has been busy with many things lately. While he believes that New Orleans has many serious issues at hand, he's asked me to write up a spot of good news from our event this past weekend in hopes to give New Orleans something positive to read.

Obamaham Lincoln

On Saturday, at Cafe Brazil, NoLA Rising held an art bazaar of sorts with the pieces created at the last two paint parties. The first at XO Studios and the second at Dragon's Den with Section 8 magazine. Over 150 pieces of artwork were created of various skill level with the intention of selling off the pieces to raise money for one lucky Orleans Parish art teacher. Only 40 pieces of artwork ended up selling, the remainder of which will be saved for a pending Toys-for-Tots paint party coming this fall.

Checkin' out the goods

On Sunday, Rex and Angela (recently returned from her European sojourn) used the money raised to purchase a $300 gift certificate at local art store National Art and Hobby located on Magazine Street. National offers teacher discounts which will help spread the gift a little further. NoLA Rising, shortly thereafter, delivered the fine-looking, color-it-yourself, certificate to Mrs. Cook's house much to her surprise.


Mrs. Cook was chosen because of her dedication to her students and their work, her passion for art, and her love for the city. Rex therefore sends an official salut to Beverly Cook for her service as a dedicated art teacher!

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