13 July 2008

NoLA Rising Paint Party - The Dog Days of Summer - Saturday July 26th

Nola Rising Paint PartyDrawing by G*Rat

Who? Anyone interested in being a member of a community and perhaps would like to paint

What? A Paint Party. We come out and we paint on salvaged wood or canvas. Then, it's left behind and NoLA Rising distributes it out to a network of non-profits or people who just need artwork after their long road home. We're currently working to use all of this artwork to sell at a show to buy art supplies for selected New Orleans public schools. So, come help us help someone else.

So, grab some acrylic paint at your locally owned art store (National Art & Hobby at 5835 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115, (504) 899-4491 has always been very good to NoLA Rising) and come and join us. We have some paint, but we usually also rely on donations. Also, still working on your house and have scrap wood...bring it too!

When? Saturday, July 26th, from noon until sunset. Yep, the dog days of summer. No one said living in New Orleans during the summer is nice.

Where? XO Studios in the Marigny. 2833 Dauphine at the corner of Press (right where the train tracks are)

Why? Why not? We love our community, we love to paint, we love to be a part of something that is uniquely New Orleans. You don't have to be an artist to come and join us. In fact, most of the best talents we've discovered had never even picked up a brush in their entire life.

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And for our late-night crowd, NoLA Rising has teamed with underground magazine SECTION 8 to have a late-night paint party at The Dragon's Den on 8-8-08, same rules apply...You come, you paint, you leave your artwork for us to do GOOD THINGs with. Then, you party your little ass off. Be responsible and have fun and try not to see that as a contradiction. We're here to try and help people in this city and we're just glad we have partners like DEFEND NEW ORLEANS, SECTION 8, Louisiana DNB, and NEW ORLEANS RUM to help us in our endeavors.

Ya'erd me?!?!



JAUG said...

Another local, Forstall's Art Supplies on Calhoun, because it's so close to my home. :)

Emily of Orleans said...

I'll be there.