07 June 2008

CAFE BRASIL! NoLA Rising! It's Yours, Take It!


NoLA Rising is proud to announce the location of It's Yours, Take It...a free interactive art show. For everyone who has eagerly awaited this day, it has arrived. This is your opportunity to come and pick out a single piece of artwork so long as supplies last.

WHERE DAMMIT?!?!?! CAFE BRASIL! On the corner of Frenchman and Chartres AT NOON. A super special thanks to Ade (who's name can't be properly spelled here because of the lackluster program I am currently using...so it's pronounced Ah-day, but not slowly). He has generously let multiple art shows and markets occur on and in his property and the chain of friendship with our little show is greatly appreciated.

NoLA Rising believes in art for the people. NoLA Rising believes that Art Can Heal the Wounded Soul. NoLA Rising believes in New Orleans and the promotion of our arts both here and abroad. NoLA Rising not only reinforces our city as the cultural base of the South, but also as one of the premier locations for emerging arts in the greatest renaissance to ever happen to a major American city.

We have nowhere to go but up, brothers and sisters! Come and join us at Cafe Brasil.

Afterwards, from 5 to until whenever, we'll be having the after party at XO Studios in the Marigny at the corner of Dauphine and Press. We'll call it an art swap. Come join us, swap your piece with someone else if you like, show it off like it's bling for your wall, baby! Come, crush a cup of wine with us...!

Special thanks also to L'art Noir, the St. Claude Arts District, SKULL CLUB!, Cargill Inc., Bonus Saves, Sherri!, Ranger Dave, Defend New Orleans, NooMoon, Avi, Naughty Kitty, Robin Walker, MaxMan, NOLady, our brothers at Humid City, Charlotte, Mark F., Maitri, Meryl, Tim R., & Jennifer D. And, of course, to everyone who comes out to paint and everyone who sent in artwork.

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kara said...

Hi there,

I met Javi at Mimi's last night, and he encouraged me to get involved with the program.

My area of specialty is theater, and I'm a recent New Orleans transplant.

My email is karalarson2004@yahoo.com if there's anything I can do to help.