16 May 2008

Paint Party for the "It's Yours, Take It" Show

NoLa Rising enthusiasts came out to XO Studios last Saturday to celebrate a day of community events hosted by Rex, XO Studios and the St. Claude Arts District.

Artwork created will go to a free public exhibition of work called "It's Yours, Take It" coming in June in conjunction with four other cities around the world. The artwork will be displayed in a highly pedestrian area and in the spirit of NoLA Rising...you, both the passer-byer and the audience, can enjoy the pieces throughout the selected day and even take a piece should you come across one you like.

The date will officially be announced via this blog the day of and through "day of" word of mouth. Get connected, be connected and help NoLA Rise through the benefits of public art. Also, we're setting the next event to benefit the New Orleans Public Schools with donated art supplies.

Now for some pictures to be displayed at It's Yours, Take It:

Mardi Claw paints Us some pieces
The artwork of Mardi Claw

Some of the artwork by artists around the country and world who have sent artwork in for the show:
Sammo Piece

It's Yours, Take It from FOKUSED...


It's Yours, Take It from Jacque Lynn Davis
Jacque Lynn Davis

For more photos, see http://www.flickr.com/nolarisingproject/

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